Livie Family

Grace Church-Supported Missionary Family: Doug and Krista Livie, WorldVenture
Doug – April 27, 1964
Krista – April 30, 1970
Isabelle – November 24, 1999
Anika – June 25, 2001
Emilie – August 25, 2003
Zachary – June 19, 2006
Joshua – December 18, 2008

Wedding Anniversary: June 21, 1997

Brief Profile: Doug and Krista work in partnership with a national Baptist church association to plant and develop dynamic churches. They previously worked in the Evangelical Church of Ozoir-La-Ferriere until just two years ago, when they began a new church plant in Brie-Comte-Robert. The cultural diversity in Paris and its suburbs has created a rich ethnic mix among these congregations. There is great potential for touching the nations through the French culture. Doug is also the field leader for the WorldVenture team.

What They Do: France represents a difficult mission field. Although it is one of the most cultured and sophisticated nations in the world, the hearts of the French people have been hardened to the gospel by 200 years of secularization, intellectualism, rationalism, a resurgence of the occult, individualism, and institutional Catholicism. The majority of the population shows little interest in Christianity, except as a topic for philosophical discussion.

The vision of WorldVenture in France is to create an autonomous network of growing, self-reproducing evangelical churches, primarily in the Eastern suburbs of Paris. Goals include helping these new churches develop a vision for world evangelization and encouraging them to reach the point where they are able to nurture and reproduce themselves without dependence on a missionary presence.

How to Pray: While France is a modern first-world country, its society is increasingly post-Christian. We would invite you to pray that God would work supernaturally to open hearts to His love and grace. Specifically, please pray for the development of our ministry in Chevry, where we live, and in Brie-Comte-Robert. Pray that our new church would grow in depth and width, for more French leaders in the church, and the provision of finances and workers for the building renovations. Please pray also for the protection and spiritual growth of our family.

Where We Serve:

Contact information:
WorldVenture, 1501 West Mineral Avenue, Littleton, CO 80120-5612
Phone: 1-800-487-4224; 720-283-9383

Field Office:
40 rue Jules Raimu, 77173 Chevry Cossigny, France
Phone: +33 1 60 34 98 72