Gonzalez Family

Grace Church-Supported Missionary Family-Daniel and Ana González, Word of Life Ecuador
Gonzalez family photo
Daniel – August 26
Ana – December 12
Esteban – June 9
Priscila – May 1

Wedding Anniversary: November 18

Brief Profile: Daniel is an evangelist missionary. God has given him the opportunity to lead Word of Life (WOL) Ecuador. Daniel and Ana have been married for 19 years. They have two children. Their son Esteban is currently a student at the WOL Bible Institute in Argentina. They also have a 15-year-old daughter named Priscila who is currently finishing high school.

What They Do: WOL Ecuador has four missionary couples and four singles whose ministry is among youth. They develop camps in three Ecuadorian regions, which are called Jungle, Amazon (Coast), and Highland. They have a ministry for youth who, as soon as they finish high school, enroll in a one-year program to serve and receive discipleship. The young people who participate in this program live with the González family for one year. WOL Ecuador also develops Bible clubs for the youth ministry. In addition, they develop evangelistic programs with children’s shows. They also have an evangelistic aides program for high school and college students. A current challenge of this WOL Ecuador is to built a youth camp. God has provided WOL Ecuador with 60 HEC scholarships which He will use to amplify their ministry.

How to Pray:

  • Thank the Lord who let them conduct upcoming camps.
  • Start of camp season.
  • Training camp for the youth (37 young people from different churches) who came to serve with them.
  • That attendees of children’s camp, youth camp, and two teen camps are saved, touched for the Lord, and moved to dedicate their lives to serve Him and walk in holiness.
  • That staff is fortressed during the season camp.
  • Budget of the property and its different needs, especially during camp season.


Contact information:

Word of Life’s International Ministries
P.O. Box 600
Schroon Lake, NY, 12870
Phone: 518-494-6329
Websites: http://missions.wol.org

Mission Field:
World of Life Quito – Ecuador
Casilla 17-11-4948
Quito, Ecuador
Skype: daniel.gonzalez.aon
Phone: (593) 2 2350457
Cell: (593) 993206436
E-Mail: wolecuador@yahoo.com